As we’ve said in project description section, our music is a mix of progressive rock, hard rock, electronic, blues, sometime influented of various ethnic motifs originated from different regions, e.g. Middle Eastern or China.
The music of SET seems to be a classification problem. The songs are not usually based on the verse-chorus schema and hard rock riffs, however, the sound variation and the use of many keyboards sounds and mostly delicate solo parts bring quite common association of SET music with the neoprogressive rock trend. The blues’ sounding of Outlines album is the result of jam sessions and the first meetings of musicians who played such music at different times. However, the double album Stellar Voices is a turn towards more structurally and sonically complex songs, using stringed instruments, announcing the band’s quest for neoprogressive rock. With the assumption, this is film music – an original soundtrack written in accordance with the script of the movie, that may one day be created …
In turn, the album “Lost” is a musical story looped with two parts of the same song, full of repeated sounds and even phrases, seemingly primitive, but surprising with a large load of emotions. All this to reflect a whole lot of blind roads and turns as well as trials and returns, a journey through the maze of life.